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Plant Diet – Liver Care


The liver is the chemical factory of our body which deals with every toxin that gets into our system. A healthy liver is very important for good health. We may be putting our liver continuously under pressure by assaulting it with chemicals such as alcohol, preservatives and coring agents etc. Phyllanthus is a household name for protecting the Liver.

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Plant Diet Liver Care is a herbal dietary supplement that helps to naturally detoxify, strengthen and rejuvenate the liver. It promotes healthy liver functioning and takes care of our overall health. Phyllanthus amarusSolanum nigrumEclipta prostatat, N-acetyl-L-cysteine and other unique herbs make up this nutritional supplement. P. amarus, the crucial ingredient in this supplement, is proven to help treat and manage a variety of liver disorders. Extracts of this plant exhibit hepatoprotective characteristics, which help to protect the liver from oxidative stress.


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