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Plant Diet – Cholesterol Care


Ancient tribes and cultures have used different plants to impart different flavours into food preparations. There are tens of thousands of ingredients in the forest that can contribute to sour tastes. Garcinia is popular among the population of western ghats and is used in making curries. There’s a reference in Ayurveda about this fruit being highly beneficial for the heart.

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Plant Diet Cholesterol Care helps to effectively lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, enhancing protection against heart disease. An exclusive blend of Garcinia gummi-guttaAllium sativum, Coleus forskohli, nicotinic acid and other herbal extracts are precisely combined to develop this capsule. G. gummi-gutta is the key ingredient in this natural dietary supplement. Tannic Acid and Morin, two health-promoting flavonoids abundant in G. gummi-gutta, play a key role in lipid metabolism. This inhibits the enzymes that assist in the production of cholesterol.


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