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Anti Blemish Cream

(200 customer reviews)



  • Lightens dark spots and blemishes
  • Keeps skin youthful and radiant
  • Improves skin complexion and texture
  • Revives new cell generation
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Contains the best natural ingredients
  • Is toxin-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for all skin types
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Are blemishes and acne marks affecting your smile?

Increasing exposure to UV rays, blue light from TV, and computer screens can have drastic impacts on your skin causing dark spots, pigmentation, and blemishes. PlantScience has researched several active secondary metabolites of plants that protect them against these harmful radiations to develop a new and innovative product. PlantScience Anti Blemish cream’s supreme composition with new-age plant molecules instantly lightens dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes, making it the perfect product for healthy spotless skin while you are on the go.


Plant Science Anti-Blemish cream is the perfect solution for you!

This daily cream helps to combat blemishes and improves the overall condition of the skin, ensuring your skin looks youthful and radiant. The fast-acting, dual benefit formula is easily absorbed and targets active acne marks, post-acne marks & uneven skin tone, effectively improving your skin tone and complexion. Enriched with natural ingredients, Anti-Blemish cream promotes new cell generation, effectively restoring and reviving the condition of the skin. Plant Science makes use of the highest quality natural ingredients to develop a cream that is soothing and caring for your skin while being side effect-free.


Why should you use PlantScience Anti Blemish cream?

The natural ingredients in this cream have proven to exhibit properties that are extremely beneficial in treating dark spots and blemishes on the skin. The gentle formulation of this cream makes it suitable for all skin types and helps to restore the pH balance of your skin. It provides faster and more effective results when used regularly with Anti-microbial face wash by Plant Science.

Key Ingredients:  Processed Almond Oil ( Prunus dulcis) containing extracts of Europian wine grape (Vitis vinifera),  Papaya (Carica papaya), Punanrnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Perfumed Cherry (Callicarpa macrophylla), wild Himalayan cherry (Prunus cerasoides).

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20g, 50g

200 reviews for Anti Blemish Cream

  1. Dinesh Hebbar

    This product is not so great.

  2. Maheshwara k

    Customer service is good!

  3. Bhumika

    After buying this product I realized that my money is not wasted.

  4. Anaka

    My money is fully utilized and I am very happy using this product.

  5. Amberlie

    Thank you mr sonu been my best of luck quality product once again

  6. Aakav

    I had some scars and pigmentation on my face . after using this I can see a visible difference. My skin is glowing and marks are reduced.

  7. Aakesh

    Thank you it was nice

  8. Aamin

    I have used many creams in last 10 years for my face. Big brands to smaller ones.. Too expensive to cheaper ones!

  9. Aanandini

    But, the results which this cream gave me and that too started in just 3 days of use was simply astonishing!

  10. Aandaleeb

    Its a lovely product…

  11. Aatmadeva

    i hve this pigmentation issue on my face n i thought of buying this n trying it…

  12. Aatmik

    Fortunately it is working really great for me, s

  13. Abhiraja

    lowly i can see pigmentation scar getting lighter day by day…

  14. Achala

    Am sure in a month or two I’ll completely get rid of it..

  15. Bhoja

    I am so happy with d result 🙂

  16. Arivazhagi

    I usually don’t write reviews but this product is worth it.

  17. Adamya

    The best cream…

  18. Arivoli

    It deserves good reviews.

  19. Adheesha

    I use it in night…

  20. Arpana

    This product worked like magic.

  21. Adhideva

    And it gave me best results…

  22. Arumugam

    Like i was very negative before buying cz nothing worked on my acne and scars.

  23. Adhika

    The scent was also good…

  24. Chella

    If you have a perfect skincare routine. As I do.

  25. Nalin

    apply this as your moisturizer you would have a fruitful result.

  26. Abha

    Well I can’t say that it would work on oily skin or normal.

  27. Ashok

    It is basically for all skin types

  28. Abhaya

    But I can strongly say it would give a fruitful result in dry skin

  29. Alok

    I am 11 years old and i have lot of acne bcoz of using makeup from an early age and the pimples leave marks on my face and my face started becoming uneven tone with blemises and then i stared using lots of cream but nothing works on my face then i stared using this cream in 1 week i got result it was just like mirale and till to now iam using the cream not only the uneven tone and blemises my pimples are also disappear and now i am very happy thank you

  30. Aakil

    Worked very well for pimples! Started showing differences in about 2 weeks and cleaned up the face in about 4-5 weeks of use. But it needs continuous use to keep pimples away, and the product is too expensive!

  31. Shalini

    Using my 4th bottle now. My old blemishes have faded ( but new ones are created by new pimples) ??.

  32. Deshan

    Overall skin is clear, so i thought of using it till most of my old blemishes are completely gone. I had applied tomato and lemon juice like they mentioned

  33. Arungedan

    Bt this changed my mind. It showed results in 2 days.

  34. Agilan

    I’ve an oily skin… That worked for my skin type..

  35. Anjay

    As my suggestion is not to use this product for very dry skin

  36. Arvindaa

    My acne scars faded in a week.

  37. Aharnish

    . And am nit sure of others…

  38. Shante

    This is best suited for oily skin and dry skin but not for huge dry skin…….

  39. Aryabhata

    Must BUY!!!!

  40. Ahilya

    bfr trying it on face just try it in ur neck or hand…

  41. Shantae

    I have ordered it on 11 March I think I will first use and then review this product.

  42. Ashvaghosha

    After using one bottle only you’ll see the results..

  43. Ajalaa

    I loved it… ??

  44. Kaeya

    I have bought it for my pigmentation my pigmentations is getting light after using this product

  45. Ashywyn

    I was having dark spots which are gone now.

  46. Devraj

    This product is very awesome it’s actually value for money….. As the product says that it is dermatologist tested it is ??% correct ….

  47. Chaitanya

    I am very happy by using this product.

  48. Amartya

    It not only controls scars but also give a proper regimen for our skin

  49. Ajanabh

    Ok it’s only been 4-5 days using this product

  50. Ishara

    I am very setisfied with this product

  51. Asmee

    My uneven skin tone gets muh lighter.

  52. Akhilendra

    What to say about it just amazing

  53. Dharma

    I also suggest others to buy it it is very useful and good product

  54. Atyaananda

    It worked on blemishes as well.

  55. Chintak

    My skin is acne prone and full of marks not marks but dark scars which no cream no home remedy tend to reduce but this cream is a magic it started working from the very first day and my scars are lightening,

  56. Anshu

    Tried different products and hence nothing happened but am much relieved after trying this product.

  57. Avanindra

    The bottle is also only half filled…but it worked like magic!

  58. Bhuma

    just amazed by this product.

  59. Anjuli

    Was suffering from acne and due to that had lots of acne marks and pigmentations too.

  60. Baasu

    Such a nice product.very helpful and effective.

  61. Amaram

    A bit expensive but worthy ?

  62. Akhila

    Trust me guys it works wonder.

  63. Rajeev

    This product is great!

  64. Keerthiraj

    Great service, efficient communication and a really easy way to get a mortgage with lots of help and support to get the right deal.

  65. manjunath

     Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly, minimising the end to end time to process complex transactions among a number of parties.

  66. neeraj P K

    A fantastic organisation! Great cutomer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.

  67. pratheek

     The service is smooth and straightforward. My advisor was helpful. I would recommend deal direct.

  68. Babar

    without any use of harmful chemicals or any preservative.

  69. Amarjaa

    It’s good product but ,it’s not that special .

  70. Pareekshith

    Nice product

  71. Amith

    Good product

  72. pavan

    Good efficiency

  73. Deepak

    Works very well on oily skin

  74. ananth raj

    I Have rough skin but it gives good results

  75. Narendra phadke

    No side effects found

  76. Ashoka

    nice Product

  77. Hari

    Nice one thank you

  78. Varsha

    Here is the product that you want to buy

  79. Raviraj

    Product is good, moisturizing, doesn’t clog pores, smell is good and most importantly it didn’t irritate my combination skin. Regarding the effect on my age spots, I think I need to wait for few more days to see a difference, as it is only one week, will write after one month.

  80. Amrutha

    nice one

  81. Kshithij

    I have been using this for almost a month religiously but it didn’t help me, I am going to continue to use for next one month, will update if it helped me or not.

  82. anjali

    not bad

  83. Mitra Puri

    Contents seem fine to me lets see how much effect it produces. Will surely put review after 2-3months

  84. Alka

    After using it 3 weeks regularly my pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, and dry skin it can repairs my all problems. It works amazing….If you are looking for a hyperpigmentation &dark spots or other problems you can definitely buy it.

  85. Anitha

    Frequent use helps to get results better

  86. Monisha

    It’s a nice product, I used it for first time and really It’s worked. When my pigmentation cme I was worried. My skin was getting dull day by day. But now-a-days my skin became brighter and softer.

  87. Medha T

    Must buy it

  88. Shanta

    Its hydrating formula keeps your skin moisturized all day and softens the look of fine lines & wrinkles. Overall a good product to go for and value for your money.

  89. Yashwanth

    nice Product

  90. Aradhana

    Pimple will stat fading in 2-3 days

  91. Ahalya

    Product received in a good package and in time.Used only one time and feeling good.

  92. Maya T

    Thank you ! That was great

  93. Avinash

    Due to ageing my mother’s skin was becoming dull and blemished. After using this her conditions are improving gradually. It’s worth the cost.

  94. Meenu M N


  95. Amrit

    t is so moisturizing with a nice fragrance… it helps to cure pigmentation, dark spots…. it is very helpful for spotless glow…

  96. Kethan

    It really gave me a smooth effect and it gets absorb in the skin very well and I am happy about the fact that after using it for a week I did not get a single pimple.

  97. Lakshman

    It helps to reduce wrinkles blemishes. Enhance the moisturizing process. Its non oily and absorbs very well in skin

  98. akshataha

    This is something which I expected from this product after reading other reviews. I

  99. Balabhadra

    All natural ingridents and well balanced which gives natural glow to your skin after using for few days only.

  100. Mahesh

    It really helped in reducing blemishes and it is non sticky cream to I loved it

  101. Dimple p

    ABC is the best in the market

  102. Shaili

    Good product, it works.

  103. Umesh

    Best for winter

  104. Devaki

    I had major issues with discolouration but this face cream had helped me get rid of all of them with clinically proved ingredients and it’s very soothing and helping me in getting my natural fairness back and moreover it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free which is pushing me to share my experience to everyone out there.

  105. Anandita

    not only this my skin has also become even and smooth

  106. Shakila

    I have hyperpigmentation , have been using this cream since 1 week , my hyperpigmentation has bee reduce to an extent . Will update you in few months ??????

  107. Vanita

    it’s smells good and most important that it is paraben free.

  108. Shalina

     I have oily acne prone skin and have been using this product for a few days now. My acne has dried out but I do not see a significant improvement in dark spots yet. The fragrance is mild so brilliant! I’ll continue using this as it helped my acne. Just a tip to all people with acne skin. Keep your scalp clean and change your pillow sheets. It really helps.

  109. Dhaval

    o i will recommend to all who want to get rid of any blemises or scars on face to use this.but you have to keep patience as nothing miracle is gonna happen .it will take some time .you can use it day and night for faster and better result.

  110. Shantay

    My most fav go to cream for blemishes. Nothing was helping me.much to get rid of my blemishes and I started using it …I felt the difference very quickly but after sometime I thought it stopped working so I stopped using but I realized it was working only when I stopped using it. It made a huge difference . M not stopping it now.

  111. Akilesh

    The cream comes in a very sturdy travel friendly packaging.

  112. Darsha

    These products are made of 100% natural ingredients which contain mulberry extract and vitamin C.MulBerry extract is used to treat hyperpigmentation and vitamin C heals in sun damage and repairs damaged skin cells.It suits all skin types .It is free from mineral oil and paraben.It reduces dark spots,blemishes and controls melanin.It has a pump dispenser which is great for travelling. Can be used as a moisturiser.

  113. Chandani

    The cream is very effective in blemishes.

  114. Adry

    I always give a honest review on products. Only after using it. I bought this product on 2nd june and now its august month. During the 1st use only you will find that change on your skin. The best part is its not at all greasy so good for oily skin. It just absorbs well into the skin. You just need to tone your face and apply just a peasize on your face and massage well. It actually reduces the pigmentation to some extent. But 1 has to use it regularly. Daily twice after facewash and toner. All the best

  115. Deval

    It has a very mild fragrance.gets absorbed in skin very fast.

  116. Banita

    Hey…. So its been a month I’m using it twice a day morning after bath and night before sleep. Mine is a sensitive skin soo I was searching for something natural and wasn’t sure whether to go with this or not. But It indeed is a good one. Don’t buy if you want immediate results, it will take 2 to 3weeks atleast to clear your marks. Anyways I liked it

  117. Shantee

    Must try for blemishes .

  118. Anila

    the main good thing is it is chemical free.. Also this is non greasy and easily absorbed in your skin, oily skin people can also use it. And the price is reasonable. I am happy with it.

  119. Tenaya

    Highly recommended

  120. Amirthini

    I find it expensive for the work it does .

  121. Amulya

    Few days ago I have ordered this cream. One of my friend suggested me that. This is really a very good cream also suitable for sensitive skin.

  122. Nisha

    I have purchased this after watching Fit Tuber video also one dermatologist suggested me to use this. It really worked to remove pigmentations and dark spots from face skin.

  123. Johar

    I have few blemishes spots in my skin so I thought to give it a try and believe me I am using it for past 7 days and I am really satisfied with it’s result.

  124. Janak

    It’s really faded up my blemishes spot. Also packaging was really very good and travel friendly.

  125. Kalynda

    It’s comes with a pump bottle. And little amount is sufficient for your face

  126. Charita

    I have been using this for the last 3 weeks (night only) and as of now, I think the dark spots are getting fader gradually.. undergoing a very slow process.. As mentioned in the website, it is absolutely just a pear size quantity is enough for our face and this realization gave me relief from the shock of seeing the 30 gram package received for Rs 650/-. Patiently waiting to get a good result by the end of the day..

  127. Deshad

     have been using it for 6 months and have seen lots of improvement on my skin like it has reduced my acne scars much quicker than any other cosmetic product i used before it .

  128. Ajeya

    Received this package and I was excited to try this. I am using this daily from last one week and I saw a little positive changeas my pigmentation has started to fade away leaving my skin clear.

  129. Azha

    I wear this serum and use a moisturiser above it as I have heard it should be covered with some moisturiser.

  130. Shakeela

    Listen guys, I don’t really care about the scent or the presentation as long as the product’s effective, and this one surely is.

  131. Soma

    If you’re having problems with your skin, this is the way to go.

  132. Anala

    Just start applying it and you’ll notice the difference in a very short time and this is a guarantee.

  133. Neena

    I am just surprised I hadn’t heard of this company before, but Im grateful I found it and decided to give it a try.

  134. Balakrishna

    Thank you nice product

  135. Sajan

    I am writing this review on my way of buying another bottle as I am very satisfied the results it has given me.

  136. Naman

    Wow….. Itz wonderful.

  137. Ajit

    Nice one

  138. Ishana

    One my friend suggested me. Even now I’ve suggested to one another frnd. Just in 10dyz usage of mine by that visible results of my face my frnd also she started using for herself.

  139. Daivik

    Must buy it

  140. Shanti

    Truly it works Superb.. it’ll leave our skin flawless. Slowly seeing that visual changes

  141. Ashish

    This product really worked for me.

  142. Deva

    I’m writing this review after using this cream for about 3 weeks.

  143. Anil

    Yeah! It is a game changer for those who got sensitive and acne prone skin.

  144. Devika

    I’m so thankful that finally got someting useful for my face cause i really have sensitive skin and my skin always reacts negatively when i try out new products but this does react positively for me also it lightens up my dull face.

  145. Amoli

    It does not remove blemishes,rather it’s a good moisturizer ??

  146. Kalinda

    My skin has too much of pigmentation ,darks spots,acne and i believe, if i use this for a long term it will cure my pigmented face slowly.

  147. Anura

    It’s been almost a week,i have been using this cream,i am quite happy with its positive result,it has light consistency,easily absorbs in to the Skin,contains very mild fragrance.

  148. Devendra

    I have noticed the pigmentation on my forehead is been reducing,still looking forward to see more positive result with its consistent usage.

  149. Balraj

    I have had skin issues for several years now and have tried almost all brands available in the market. This was the first one that reduced acne, made skin feel more nourished and over time healthier. Now I’m a life-long customer. 🙂

  150. Balin

    Suitable for all skin type.highly recommend.

  151. Tanea

    My 2-3 days usage review goes like it is good to be used as a moisturizer light weight, minimal fragrance the texture is quite good so if you are trying to go for new product you might try this

  152. Tanaya

    This face cream works very amazing.

  153. Eshana

    bye Blemish cream is reducing my Blemishes and scars on my face skin after everyday application.

  154. Durga

    I have been using this it has been a week or more.

  155. Niesha

    Skin stone is getting better.

  156. Rachana

    I had uneven skin tone in other words pigmentation problem! This helped me get out of it in weeks .

  157. Aradhana

    The cream is non sticky, non greasy.

  158. Amisha

    I apply this cream in both of my day and night skincare routine.

  159. Janisha

    Easy to use and apply with pump pack bottle.

  160. Bhavika

    The fragrance is good.

  161. Apsara

    I have sensitive skin but it has no harmful effect on skin like irritation and all.

  162. Bakul

    this is good product

  163. Harsha

    I m getting good results so far.

  164. Davyan

    Hope to finish the bottle to find final result.

  165. Mahavir

    Worth buying.

  166. Amul

    I took a challenge of one bottle and its my second order i have placed.

  167. Baldev

    thank you plant science

  168. Banhi

    Great product.

  169. Basant

    I highly recommend using glowpink dark spot corrector cream.

  170. Beeja

    If you are struggling with acne marks this is a must try product.. I use it every night and it smells so good too.

  171. Bhakati

    I had ordered dark spot corrector cream its nice

  172. Bhamini

    Glow pink and i have seen wonderful results on just a week’s time, my acne spots have become lighter. It comes in an amazing packaging and has a v soothing fragrance and it works on sun spots, age spots and dark spots. Best part is its completely toxin free! So go for it guys!

  173. Bhanu

    nice product

  174. Bhanumati

    This product working great ,

  175. Bharati

    I could see significance difference in my face .

  176. Bhaskara

    I tried couple of products but it is really nice ,

  177. Amutha

    It really clears blemished and marks on skin.

  178. Bhasvan

    I liked it and recommend it 🙂

  179. Bhaswar

    nice fragrance and value for money .

  180. Bhavnish

    I was skeptical about delivery but I got it very next day.

  181. Bishvajit

    Great product.

  182. Brahma

    I highly recommend using glowpink dark spot corrector cream.

  183. Chaitali

    nice product works best

  184. Chameli

    good one

  185. Chandaa

    no doubt to buy this

  186. Chandrabha

    has nice effect

  187. Chandrak

    must buy it

  188. Anadi

    I really loved this product.

  189. Anang

    If u have dark blemishes on ur cheeks try this and you will definitely see the results in a few weeks.

  190. Ananta

    I’m happy that mine vanished.

  191. Anbarasi

    Amazing cream…

  192. Anbu

    I have been using this cream from past one week…

  193. Andal

    Have seen a drastic change in my face….

  194. Anganaa

    It is lightening my scars and blackspots nd making my even more clear and fair…

  195. Angayarkanni

    Thank u …

  196. Anuka

    And thank you fit tuber channel for referring this cream… ????

  197. Anupa

    Effective and showing result from its first week itself.

  198. Anupriyaa

    The blemishes on my face looks lighter and has no side effects.

  199. Anusheela

    Light ,almost nil aroma and suitable for sensitive skins.

  200. Arasu

    Looking forward to clearer skin in the coming weeks.

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