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Do Plants Listen?

Do Plants Listen?

If you ever spend enough time around #plantDads or #plantMoms you will find them sharing secrets or singing a lullaby to their #plantbabies. When you probe a little more, they might argue that their plants listen to what they say and I have seen a couple of #plantparents say that the plants respond to their emotional state. While this is not proven yet, we have an example of a plant that can listen to other plants.

Sagebrush is a plant that is predominantly found in the United States and when it is clipped before spring, the plant emits signals to its neighbouring plants. These neighbouring plants ‘listen’ to the signals emitted by Sagebrush and activate their defence mechanisms.

The volatile organic compounds emitted by the Sagebrush alert neighbouring plants to produce defensive chemicals that make them poisonous to the attackers. Sometimes, it was observed that plants of different species, for example, wild tobacco, also seem to listen in to the sagebrush signals and then ramp up their fighting strategies.

California Sagebrush | Nature Collective

So, plants don’t just listen to their species but also eavesdrop on the conversations of other plants. This is one of the ways plants survive insect damage.

Next time you are around a #PlantParent, you have an interesting tit-bit to tell them.

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