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Atrimed believes that nature has a solution for every human need; we just need to unlock that solution. We are deeply engaged in decoding these secrets to study the possible solutions and cures.
The use of plants as a source of medicine has been an ancient practice and is an important component of the health care system in India. Most of the work done by us at PlantScience mainly revolves around Phyto-research. From discovering new therapeutic plant molecules and creating new effective products to enhancing the efficacy of an existing one. Through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics and pharmacology we narrow down the possibilities before isolating and analyzing potentially beneficial plant molecules against diseases.

In India, around 3,000 medicinal plants have been identified. However, traditional healers still use only around 800 of them to treat various diseases. Atrimed PlantScience is incredibly proud to hold one of the world’s largest library of over 4,08,000 virtual plant molecules, which is continuously growing as a result of the comprehensive research performed by our scientists.

Evidence-based research in Plant science is receiving larger acceptance around the world. Atrimed PlantScience has a diverse pool of scientists with thorough expertise in the field of ancient medicines, plant chemistry and extensive knowledge of biotechnology, phytochemistry, bioinformatics and synthetic chemistry which enables us to authenticate ancient medicinal knowledge.
The safety of most plant-based products is further compromised by lack of efficient quality controls, inadequate labeling, and the absence of appropriate patient information. The main aim of our research is to focus on the specificity of plant-based medicines rather than generalization. As precision is the key to developing modern plant-based medicines, we at PlantScience are extremely driven to conduct research only on specific plant metabolites and molecules which have proven to exhibit medicinal properties while eliminating others that might increase the risk of adverse effects in humans.

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Growing the heritage back-literally!

With the vision and technology for advanced tissue-culture, Atrimed now seeks to revive and rescue endangered medicinal plants through lab-cultivation programs-a highly neglected field of research and conservation that seeks to preserve India’s rich heritage of Plant-based medicine.

Revolutionizing natural medicine with modern technology

Thanks to years of investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge talent, Atrimed is today a pioneer and industry authority on advanced phytology. The recent installation of the Schrodinger Bio-Suite Software Solution has revolutionized the speed at which we are able to research molecular docking and screening via chemical simulation. Our chemistry labs are fully equipped to isolate and purify phyto-molecules and harness systems of in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

Decoding Plant Science – molecule by molecule

Atrimed’s mission to screen, digitize and verify traditional medicinal knowledge has been a grand success. Apart from years of sample collection and plant-molecule isolation, Atrimed also employs teams of linguistic experts to help decode ancient ayurvedic texts as Ayurveda is a codified knowledge base , the India’s best software engineers and newest technology in the field of biotechnology, to pioneer formats for automating and unlocking the potential of this extensive database of knowledge. We are today the proud authors of the world’s largest library of plant-based molecules – a fact recognized and applauded by the international scientific community and governments alike. Atrimed has always been on the forefront of biotechnological research and development.

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